Last night, I was on the phone with a friend for at least an hour after getting off work. I sat there in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, chatting away… meanwhile, apparently there was a volcano nearby doing its ash-and-steam thing.

I honestly didn’t notice Mt. St. Helens being obscured under a cloud on an otherwise beautiful spring evening until I went for my run along the waterfront. As I ran west across the Hawthorne Bridge, I noticed several different camera crews from local stations shooting footage of the mountain. Isn’t it great that I can go running on a day when nature is erupting? I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

I did a bit longer loop than normal; I did a figure-eight, crossing over the Morrison Bridge twice, which gives me about 3.5 miles total. I’ll run again Thursday night, then probably won’t run for the rest of the week until Sunday, which is the Shamrock Run. Might hit the gym on Friday or Saturday for some weights. Might not. Just playing it by ear now.