I GOT MY MAC MINI TODAY!! And as much as it pains me to say it, Apple is sometimes (how shall I say this?) somewhat less than perfect. Their setup wizard allows me to transfer over my home directory, applications, and OS settings from a previous computer — like, say, my iBook.

But the wizard transfered over ALL my laptop settings; like the Airport card, which doesn’t exist on my MM, but now I have a non-functional icon on the toolbar which I’m not sure how to remove. Or the fact that my desktop computer thinks it has a battery that doesn’t exist. But I could live with those things.

It’s just… frustrating

Argh. Brand-new computer and I have to reinstall the OS. I got it at 9 AM and I broke it before lunch.

I guess on the bright side I get to fire off some rant-y email to Apple. “Fix your damn wizard! It’s supposed to JUST WORK — PROPERLY!”