Smacky update:

Smacky’s doing fine. He was a little groggy when I first brought him home, but that only lasted about a half-hour or so. After that, he was all over the place. He made it a point to do all the things that I’ve been training him not to do: jump up on the kitchen counter and the kitchen table; he attacked my feet several times; he chewed on the cords behind the teevee/stereo; pushed around his water dish and spilled water all over. But he didn’t do it with gusto. He just seemed to do it out of a sense of duty, as if he were saying, “Let’s get this out of the way so we can let the healing begin.”

Or something.

I’m exagerating, just a little bit, probably out of guilt. Certainly I hate to be castrated, although mine was always virtual and not actual, so I’m projecting onto Smacky.

This morning he was his normal self, lounging outside the bedroom door when I got up, being underfoot, waiting outside the shower to attack my feet when I got out, and sitting on the bathroom counter waiting to lick up the saline that fell when I put my contact lenses in. Is that strange? Aren’t all cats strange, though? I guess I’m asking if that’s strange for a cat which puts it on a whole ‘nother level.