Random updates:

I feel great this morning, physically, at any rate. I’m still feeling the energy from my run last night. Running feels great once your body gets used to the stresses. When I’m running it feels like almost my entire body is working in concert. My senses are alert, scanning around me for obstacles or other things of interest; arms pumping and providing balance; back and stomach keeping me upright; legs doing their thing, keeping rhythm, feet pounding the ground; heart and lungs feeding the rest…

It all comes together in a continuous action. I feel like I could go running right now.

The house felt much quieter this morning. It’s finally time for Smacky’s “snip ‘n’ chip”. I dropped him off at the vet last night and they’re going to do him today. I missed having him around, although I’m happy I didn’t collect any new scars from him pouncing on my feet as I get out of the shower while blinded with water and soap in my eyes. (Warning: do not attempt to diagram the previous sentence)

Yep, Smacky’s going to be “chipped”, which means he’ll be a cybercat. How could a geek like me resist the opportunity to electronicize my animal companion? Much more geeky than a tatoo.

It doesn’t look like my Mac Mini will arrive today, after all. I jumped the gun a bit when I saw that it had “shipped” but apparently that only means that the finished building it and left it on the dock for someone to pick up, which didn’t happen yesterday. The page shows that it’s still on the dock this morning, if I’m reading the Fed Ex tracking page correctly. Of course, that page shows local time, so that might have been yesterday. I don’t know. All I know is that the tracking page doesn’t show a delivery date yet. *sigh* And I was so excited.