Ran like a rock star tonight.

At the gym (of course), did a warmup mile at a slow pace (around a 10:55 pace; don’t really know, just set the speed at 5.5 MPH), then stopped, stretched a bit, and then turned up the speed to 6.3 MPH, or around a 9:31 pace, and just kept going for 2 miles, then slowed back down to the warmup/cooldown pace for another mile. Don’t know if I could have kept going at the faster pace but I was impressed at the total mileage. Yay, me!

I’m thinking of doing some hills tomorrow night. Or maybe just an easy 2 1/2 to 3 miles. Not sure. Probably should go easy since today was basically my long run for the week.’

Was soooo tempted to celebrate by going out to eat but came home and had some frozen pasta-and-chicken thing. Oh, well. Saving money is glamorous, right?