Site update notes:

  • First, I rearranged the pictures in the picture gallery, which probably broke a bunch of links back in the archive. Sorry. Maybe someday I’ll get around to updating all of those. After I move the site to Blogtastic, maybe.
  • Speaking of Blogtastic, (a blogging program developed by Caleb) I intend to spend this week working on the final design for my new site design and to get it moved over. I’ll still post here; all my development is going to be done at (as I post this there’s nothing there. I’ll throw up an index so at least there’ll be something to look at).
  • There is no third thing.
  • Fourth thing is, I wanted to warn everyone that when I do update my site, it looks like I’ll probably lose all the past comments. So if there’s something you’re particularly attached to, I don’t know, save it and email it to me or something.