I went to the Apple Store out in Washington Square and they actually had floor models of the Mac Minis. I played with them for a bit to compare their performance to the Dual 2.5 GHz PowerMacs and the iMacs. The Mac Mini is, um, slower.

They really really are just a bit bigger than 5 or 6 CD jewel cases stacked up. TINY. In fact, when I walked up, I thought it was the power brick for the 23″ Apple Cinema Display it was connected to!

If I wasn’t jonesing for a DVD burner, I’d have cancelled my order and bought one on the spot. (SuperDrive is a build-to-order option only, more’s the pity).

I made sure and asked every sales person I saw if they had any iPod Shuffles in stock. The looks I got from the staff were priceless.