Running update:

I ran. I ran so far away.

I ran at least 3 miles, three times this week. I ran at around a 10:00 pace, not great, but there you have it. I’m trying not to keep track of pace and just run in whatever my “aerobic zone” is, or keep time with the music (I’m loving the running with music and will be happy when my iPod Shuffle shows up and I can run outside with a soundtrack), but when I’m running on a treadmill it’s hard not to keep track since there’s a damned timer right there in front of me. Did I say “dammit” already?

I’m working on distance more than pace right now. Although this month’s Runner’s World talks about incorporating speedwork once per week. Maybe I’ll do that.

As a side note, there are so many great ideas in Runner’s World each and every month, and each and every month I read the articles and think, “Yeah, I should do that.” And then I think about it, and maybe try it a couple of times, but before I know it next month’s issue arrives, with a completely different new idea, and the cycle starts anew. So hard to just stick to one idea for a while.

It’d be cool if I could have “side notes” actually appear over there on the side. Y’know, considering how often I use the phrase “side note” (A search turned up four posts where I’ve used it on this blog but I’d swear there were more). Maybe I’ll implement “side notes” in Lunar Obverse 2.0. Which I am still working on, I promise.