Walking around downtown, I see so many people with iPods that it isn’t funny. At lunchtime, with the sidewalks crowded with lunchtime folk lunching on their lunchtime, I see at least one or two of the tell-tale white earbuds snaking out of a backpack or pocket.

Most of these people wear all black. Just sayin’. I wonder if it’s because black is cool, or because of the commercials?

Many of these people have a cool scarf of some kind. Also, just sayin’.

I did, however, see this one guy the other day (neither wearing black nor did he have a cool scarf) with the thin white cables snaking out of his hand. It’s so easy to spot people, they stand out. It’s not like I’m looking for them or anything. Really.

At any rate, as he approached, I could see that the white cables plugged into a cheap, blue-and-silver portable CD player.

Hmmm. What do you call it when someone poses as a poseur?