Well, Smacky’s got some kind of skin infection. The doctor gave him a shot of cortisone, another treatment of flea-be-gone (I forget which brand this time, but a different one from before) and I have to administer medicine, twice daily, until it’s gone. I bring Smacky back next Wednesday for his “fixing”, since the doctor didn’t want to risk it while the poor cat’s, y’know, ailin’.

Argh. Of course I will do what’s necessary for Smacky. It’s just annoying to have to reschedule things around again to transport Smacky back and forth to the vet (especially since I don’t own a car and want to cut back on the FlexCar for a while), as well as the cost of multiple visits to the vet. It’s not a lot of money, it’s just… well… dammit, I had to dip into my iPod Shuffle money to pay for this visit.

If that’s not love I don’t know what is.