Went running yesterday after work. The weather was warm for late January. Practically spring-like, again. Which is strange after the freezing rain of last weekend. Kind of almost feels like, oh, maybe there’s something out of whack with the world… or the weather… or… y’know.

Anyway, I did the 2.5 miles of the Esplanade, and kept a slow pace. Stopped and walked a couple of times, but tried to do that for no more than 20-30 steps before I got myself running again. My legs were sore last night, and are a bit tight today, but not too bad.

I tried, I tried, oh, how I tried not to keep track of time. But, in the end, I did, although I’m not going to post it here because if I don’t, then eventually I’ll forget it and that’s almost as good as not keeping track in the first place, right? But I was slow.

Strange to think that I’m about at the same place, both weight-wise and running-wise, where I am last year at this time. Maybe a bit better, with a bit more stamina, but not that much improved. Being too hard on myself? OK, yeah, I am. You wanna make something of it? Didn’t think so… Anyway, if I’m marginally better than I was last year, even considering how well I did during the year, then maybe I’ll finish this year even stronger. That’s my plan. Did I mention in previous posts somewhere that I want to run a half-marathon this year? Yes, I believe I did.

I do have to keep track of my “exercise-induced bronchial spasms” (Nurse Cindy wanted to avoid giving me a diagnosis of “asthma”) over the next couple of weeks, and if it flares up again, I’ll probably have to retain a prescription for albuterol or something similar. Bummer. But, hey, I have friends who use it, and some of them are actual athletes, so I should be OK. I just worry that I’ll internalize it and… oh, nevermind.

I’ve got some thoughts on friendship that I’ll post later. Tonight or sometime tomorrow, depending on how the evening goes.