My previous post originally contained a link to a lyrics website. I found the site through a quick Google search and it seemed inoffensive enough.

However, I have been informed by one of the six or seven readers of my site that the link led to a bunch of nasty spyware-installing and popup-producing windows.

Since I use a Mac as my primary machine, and use Firefox when I’m forced to use a Windows machine, I didn’t even notice that my browser had blocked a bunch of nasty probably-virus-installing-but-definitely-deserving-of-hyphentation malware from ever appearing.

I tested the link by loading it up in Insecure Exploiter (a.k.a. Internet Explorer), and, sure enough, managed to get infected with lots of stuff that my virus scanning software didn’t like.

So I have changed the link in the original post to Blues Traveler’s official lyrics page. I would have linked there originally but this morning the Blues Traveler site was tremendously sloooooooooooow and I had better things to surf for.

My apologies to the other readers of my site who are stuck using insecure operating systems and haven’t seen the light. My sincere apologies. I’ll be more careful next time. Probably. But if I’m not, it’s not my fault.