I have really been put off by this “no running” thing, even though my last run was a week ago yesterday.

So, last night, it was clear (but cold) outside, and there was still some actual sunshine going on (yay! days are getting longer!) so I decided to walk home from work. Took the Springwater Corridor. I was dressed plenty warm, and I had my iPod to keep me company, which chose for the occassion White Stripes “White Blood Cells”, AC/DC “Highway to Hell”, and Harvey Danger’s new EP “Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas (Sometimes)”.

My legs are a bit sore this morning, but overall I feel better having gotten at least some exercise in. I might even go to the gym and lift… and try not to accidentally fall on the treadmill for a mile or two.

I think the reason Smacky’s been so feisty lately is due to clearing up his flea problem. As the fleas bug him less, he’s got more energy available to, you know, bite the hell out of me. Plus he’s getting near to cat puberty.

Today’s the day that Steve Jobs will finally announce whatever coolio stuff Apple has been working on lately. Rumors point to a Flash-based iPod, a new office suite to counter MS Office, and a sub-$500 headless iMac. Not that I follow the rumors, of course. But in this case, the rumors are probably true because Apple is suing people who speculate about Flash-based iPods, Apple-branded office suites, and sub-$500 headless iMacs. But, in reaction to the leaks, Steve has shut down the streaming video feed of his keynote speech, banned journalists from reporting live from the keynote, and forced all Mac users to speak only Swahili during the keynote. So don’t expect me to be coherent between, say, 9 AM and 11 AM today. Just sayin’. (I’ll be mighty pissed if I can still talk English during that time. That would be a huge snub, wouldn’t it?)

Ah, well, off to work. Ciao, babies.