Did you know that it can take 5 minutes or more for my blog to load if you’re on dial-up? Yeah, bad, I know. If any of you are out there reading it after waiting that long, I probably owe you booze or something. I like the way it looks but a) my page doesn’t validate as CSS-anything, and b) it’s super-resource-intensive, and c) it really only looks good in the browsers I use, which means that the majority browser (Internets Exploder from MS) wasn’t even considered when I designed it. So, I need to come up with something new. And I’ve kinda been putting it off, since I haven’t been, y’know, inspired.

However, I’m happy to announce that I’m much closer to a final design for Lunar Obverse v2.0. I worked on a mock-up tonight, just sketching something out and getting the colors down. And I’m not even sure these are the final colors and right now none of the elements are in place but, what the hell, I’m posting a tiny scaled-down version of it just to show everyone that I’m working on it:

click on image for larger version; opens in new window

See, the image at the top will be an actual picture (grabbed from NASA, since all that stuff is public domain for taxpayers) — the grey area will be the surface of the moon and the blue blob is the Earth. The tiny little bar underneath that will be the navigation menu. The wide left-hand column will be the main content, my posts; the right-hand column will have the extra stuff, like the Picture of the Week, the archive links, and maybe a poll someday or something.

I haven’t decided if the sections will all be boxed in like that. I mainly did that to show myself where they’d go.

I’ll work on it some more tomorrow and when I’m done, I’ll use it to throw together some HTML/CSS and then mock up a couple of posts, ’cause I still have to decide what color text to use for all the elements. I still like light text on a dark background but might flip that and just have dark borders around everything. Decisions, decisions… and I’m not a graphic designer, dammit, I’m a writer and a geek. So comments are welcome. But hold off until I’ve got more of the total design filled in.

Then I’ll post a link to it, hopefully later next week, and let people comment on it.

One thing I don’t have now is an “About Me” page. But the whole damn blog is about me, so why would I be redundant?