Oh, right, the two helpful appointments, mentioned below?

One, I took Smacky in for his first exam and shots. He’s healthy and well-behaved… except for the fleas. But we’re taking care of those.

And, two, I saw a doctor for the coughing and nasal drip I’ve been having. Yeah… it’s allergies. Probably Smacky. We’ll see if they get better after I start my inhaler. Yeah… inhaler. Dammit. I asked the doctor if I could start running again (I’ve stopped in the last week because of the coughing) and she said that I should stop until I come back in for the follow-up.

“But… do you know about runner’s guilt?” I whined. “I didn’t believe people when they told me about it, but… damn… can’t I run just a little bit?”

She gave me a sympathetic look. “I’m a runner, too, believe me, I know. You’ll be so much faster and better after the treatment, it will be like night and day.” Damn, she did know about runner’s guilt. So with that encouragement, I’ll try really really hard not to run for… two… whole… weeeeeeeeeeeeeks. Dammit.