Sometime late yesterday afternoon, someone in my building sent out an email saying that they had a two-person ticket to the preview of “Meet The Fockers” and they were available to the first person to respond.

I shot off an email, but the guy didn’t accept it; he replied back, “First person here gets it.”

I did a quick search and found that he was one floor below me, so I bolted out the door and down the stairs, and asked the receptionist where this guy was located. She pointed me in the direction of his cube. As I headed over, I heard a voice behind me, asking the receptionist “Oh, is he here to see [so-and-so]?” in a disappointed voice. I snagged the ticket, and when I turned around, I saw that the person behind me was Kara, the receptionist on my floor. We went back upstairs.

Then I called around to find someone who wanted to go to the movies with me, and after four calls and a half-hour, I couldn’t find someone who wasn’t busy that night and could go to a movie. Normally I don’t mind going to a movie by myself, but it was a two-person ticket, and Kara is a nice person and almost beat me to the ticket, and, y’know, holiday season and all that… so, seeing that I couldn’t find someone to go with me, I gave Kara the ticket. She took her husband.

And she brought me back a couple of posters for the movie! Coolio. I’ll put one up in my cube and one up in the computer room at home.