Well, I broke down and bought a new battery for my 3G 40GB iPod, a.k.a. “DeadSexy”. Sure, Apple says it’s still “within specification” but dammit, the battery doesn’t even last for a couple of hours playing if I have a playlist that’s longer than 4 or 5 songs. When the thing was new, it could play for 7-8 hours before the battery was dead…

Lithium ion batteries are great, but they start deteriorating as soon as you start using them. Bleah.

I ordered it from Laptops for Less. Only $29.00 + FedEx 2-day shipping for $10.00. Less than half what Apple would charge for the same replacement.

It’s apparently a little tricker to swap out the battery in the 3G iPods but, what the hell, I’m handy with tools… can’t be that hard, can it?