There’s a new Dave Eggers book!!

There’s a new Dave Eggers book!!

It’s called “How We Are Hungry” and it’s a collection of short stories, some previously published and others… not. I’ve just started it (yeah, I bought it, this is a hint (or possibly an anti-hint) for those of you who may be wondering what to get me for Christmas) but already I’ve gone back and re-read lines that made me chuckle and I’m only on the second story, for Mithras’ sake.

Look: it’s even a very beautiful book:

The “dust jacket” is just a thin maroon strip. There’s a built-in elastic bookmark. And the smooth black cover is embossed with some kind of griffin or something.

And if you’re wondering just who this Eggers fellow is, anyway, go check out “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” and “You Shall Know Our Velocity”. He also edits the journal McSweeney’s, which I’ve never actually read (this is an anti-anti-hint).

Very very cool. I’ll be devouring this over the next week or so. Maybe less.