Strangely this is the only mention in the press (so far) of the six-figure award made in the case I’ve been posting about. It’s the second item from the bottom, to wit:

* Two weeks ago, County Chairwoman Diane Linn warned county employees that workplace discrimination would “not be tolerated.” Whaddya know?! Last Friday a federal jury said it wouldn’t tolerate it either, fining the county $650,000 for retaliating against a whistleblower at the Department of Community Justice. Computer trainer Lea Lakeside-Scott alerted her supervisor about favoritism and discrimination, and followed up with a complaint to the state Bureau of Labor and Industries–after which the county fired her. Lakeside-Scott sued in 2002. The verdict is not quite final, but some county employees are viewing it as a referendum on Linn, who in 2003 promoted Jann Brown, the manager who was allegedly the prime retaliator.