Sorry I haven’t updated much this week. I’ve got post-election, preparing for the pogrom, blues.

Ran today (yeah, I haven’t been updating my running log, either. Sorry, sorry). It was my long run, 5+ miles. I normally do it on Friday, by leaving a change of clothes at work on Thursday and then running to work in the morning, but since I was home sick on Thursday I, well, didn’t.

So I did it in reverse today, by taking a bus downtown and then running home.

Since it’s still Speed Week!, the plan was to warm up, then run the middle three miles of the run at a significantly faster pace than my normal, then cool down.

And I did!

My first mile was 8:59, my second was 9:16, and my last was 9:08.

I am awesome. My speedwork is helping. I’m going to do one more week of speedwork and then go back to endurance. Or I might design a 3-week cycle that will include a mix of long runs, speedwork, and weight training. Dunno. I’m being influenced by this month’s issue of Runner’s World magazine.