I decided to take last week off from running. Tired, felt like I was coming down with a cold, blah and meh. Just didn’t have the energy for it.

So today was my first day running since last Friday. Last Friday I felt really fast, on a long (5+ mile) run. But after taking a week off, I was slow on a shorter route (3.5 miles).

I’m going to throw some days in next week that focus on speed. At least once next week I’m thinking of running from my house to Milwaukie High School (about 1.4 miles one-way) and doing some intervals on the track there. And another day I think I’m going to do hill intervals. Yeah. That’ll be good.

The weather’s been icky; cold and showers off-and-on. Hopefully I can keep my motivation to run now that it’s not warm and sunny. I ran in January, February and March this year… but I can’t remember what the weather was like then. Had to be cold and rainy, right? Right? So why’s it affecting me so negatively now? Might be the stoopid election draining away my motivation. I’m obsessed with watching the news, trying to catch the Republicans trying to steal the election. There’s signs of it everywhere (head over to Geeks Against Bush and dig through the posts there for some details, I’ll keep that stuff out of my personal blog for now) and it’s consuming all of my attention.

Whoops! Started out talking about running and ended on politics. See? It’s all I can think about!