Haven’t posted in the blog since Tuesday, but I did update my running log yesterday. Ran to work, did OK, going running up the side of a freakin’ moutain tonight (up to the highest point in Portland, Council Crest). Running is one of the bright spots in my life (others including Smacky, my new kitten, and delicious Clif Bars).

I keep trying to work up the energy for a rant, but then I think, “meh” and nothing happens. I am in the process of brain-dumping everything I can remember about two recent trips (one to Coachella Music Festival in March, and one to Vegas), with the intent of writing them up as either mildly-fictionalized novels or as actual memoirs-slash-travelogues. That should be fun. Both trips were full of drama and comedy, much like a “dramedy” would have been.

Anyway, maybe if I start taking my vitamins again I’ll have the energy for a rant. I was thinking about one on customer service crushes (you know, feeling an attraction for that cute girl down at the bank) but Salon.com beat me to it. (Target link opens in new window. Salon requires paid registration or a “Day Pass” to read the article.)

So… no promises.