The next-to-last time I spoke to my sister was over a month ago. Probably close to two months. I spoke to her on the phone. I was trying to find out where she was, since she was over a half-hour late for lunch, a lunch which had been rescheduled twice before to accommodate her schedule. She finally figured that since she couldn’t find a parking space, she would have to cancel. I ended the call, since I was not going to reschedule again. If she wanted to have lunch with me, she would have to contact me.

The last time I spoke to my sister, I was calling her back. Well, technically, I was calling my nephew, her son, back. My nephew had called me because he was selling magazine subscriptions as a fund-raiser for his school and he wanted to sell me some. I called back to arrange a time, and got my sister. We chatted and she told me that my niece’s birthday was this coming weekend, and we made plans to show up at her in-laws’ house for the party and for the magazine subscriptions. 4 PM, Sunday (today), at her in-laws’ house. Got it. I’ll be there.

Only today, around 2 PM, I got a call from a strange number (I don’t answer when I don’t recognize the number), and after I got the notification that I had a voice mail, I listened to it. Found out that my sister was moving the time up by two hours because my nephew had to be somewhere at 5 PM today, oops, sorry, hope you can make it.

Since I was in the middle of something else, and still had to go pick up a Flex Car to get to where I needed to be, I was unable to make it two hours early. I was so mad about my sister’s habit of disrespecting my time in favor of her own, I didn’t call her back. So sue me.

How is it that my time is less important than her own? Argh.