I went for a run this morning. Needed at least 4.2 miles to reach my goal of 16 miles for the week. Not sure how many I actually did, but I added at least 1/2 mile to my “Four Parks Run”, by running along the Springwater Corridor trail at least a quarter-mile past where the trail goes into Oaks Bottom and then back again.

I was slow today; ran the 4.4 miles in about the same time I ran over 5 miles on Friday, but the course I did today was a bit tougher; more hills, including a very steep trail that connects Oaks Bottom and Sellwood Park, so I’m happy with my time.

When I got back home, though, I collapsed on the couch, unable to move much at all. Smacky, my kitten, came over and started to attack me as he normally does (maybe I was just setting myself up when I named him “Smacky” ’cause that’s all he seems to do), but as soon as he started to play-bite me, he stopped… sniffed me a lot… smelled my sweat, still drying on my skin… and then started licking the sweat off my arm. Cats are strange strange creatures.

He’s grown so much since I got him. I need more pictures of him, if only he’d sit still long enough for me to take them. He enjoys getting up on the bathtub ledge, between the shower curtain and transparent liner, when I’m taking a shower. It’s hilarious when he slips and falls in the tub. Well, hilarious as long as he doesn’t attack my feet or legs.