I’m in the process of adding some new pages to my site, pages dedicated to running. The first page is my Running Log, which will (eventually) be where I record, day-by-day, all my running, my times and pace (when I record them) and any notes. There’s no content there right now, as I post this; I’ll start filling it in on Monday.

The second page is where I’ll record my “standard” courses, along with notes on hills, mile points along the course, and total distance. There’s some basic content there, but I want to play with the format to see if there’s a better way to organize the information. I’d like to add some pictures, too; some of my runs are pretty scenic.

The links are over on my linkbar (to the left) but, as I said, not much content there.

In the future, I won’t be writing about my running in my blog much, unless something odd, funny, or notable happens. I will probably still note any actual races I enter in the main blog, however. I’m trying to separate out my running from the journalling that is the main purpose of my blog.

I’ve also started to redesign my site, to help with load times and to make it a little prettier. But I’m not promising anything since it’s something I work on in my spare time.