My friend Caleb called me up last night and asked me if I wanted to run in the Race for the Cure this morning. I thought, hey, great; dress all in black, sing depressing songs.

Oh, no, wait… wrong Cure.

But, hey, boobies! I like boobies. I think we should save as many boobies as possible. It’s a good cause. So I got up early this morning, and ran in the co-ed 5K. I did pretty good, too. My “unofficial” time, as reported by my trusty Timex Expedition, was 32:24.18, but I want to subtract 2:04 because it took me that long to just reach the starting line. There was quite a crowd; Becky and Caleb thought there was around 33,000 folks running today. My “official” time will include the 2:04, and might be a bit longer, too, because of the crowd at the finish gate. I stopped my watch when I went under the finish banner. At any rate, I was pretty happy with how I did.

The course went south on Front Ave., turned west then north down Broadway, then all the way to Burnside. Just before Burnside we passed by another monument to boobies, Mary’s Club. Hooray! We crossed the Burnside Bridge, which was a bit of a hill. It was impressive to see the crowd of people filling the east-bound lanes of the bridge! When we were on the bridge, the faster folks were on the other side, returning across the bridge. Man they were fast. We cheered them on. Then the route turned south again and went down MLK Jr. Blvd, looped back, and crossed the Burnside Bridge going west. Looped underneath, and finished back on Front Ave.

I ran for beer last weekend, and I ran for boobies this weekend. Say… they should combine those two events. (I totally stole that joke from a friend. Thanks, Deb!)