Work in progress

My apologies to the three or four people who actually read my blog. Since I’ve been working to move my domain to another host (a cheaper, better host (thanks, Caleb!)), I haven’t wanted to make a lot of changes or updates here. I have a current backup of the entire site, and don’t want to have to keep up. It’s easier for me to just work behind the scenes and prepare for the move.

Here’s what still needs to happen:

  • We need to get the parts to upgrade the host’s server, and upgrade it.
  • We need to get DNS running on the host.
  • We also need to find a secondary, and possibly tertiary DNS server, with the proper geographical separation.
  • Once that’s done, we need to update my registrar’s records to point to the new DNS servers.
  • At some point in there, we need to actually move the files over to the host.
  • After the files are moved over, I need to update Blogger, and I’ll also need to fix whatever is broken (there are some CGI scripts I use that the new host probably won’t allow, since they’re insecure).

I’m toying with the idea of updating the look of my site when I do this, although that might make the whole task more involved than I’d like. But, for instance, for modem users, my background image is a little large and takes too long to load. I’ll continue to toy with the idea of a site update.