Running & Diet update

Ran up Terwilliger Blvd. yesterday morning. Do I need to post the details? I’ve written about it before. About 5 miles round trip, Dunniway Park up to the Charthouse restaurant and back down again. Ran with a friend, kept a pretty easy pace, legs felt tired and a little sore but overall it was a good tired. Oh, my hamstrings (especially my right one, the leg that’s a little longer than the other) were tight and hard to stretch out. I’ll focus on stretching them better before and after my next run, which will be tomorrow morning to work, another approximately 5 mile run.

Diet-wise, as of last night I’m about 100 calories over for the week starting Monday. I went over yesterday by 150 or so, but that’s OK because my energy output was higher yesterday due to the run. I have noticed a slight downward trend, already, in the running average of my weight, so it’s having an effect. Yay, me.