Exercise / Diet update

My weight has snuck up over my pre-determined upper limit (limit was 175; my average weight over the past week has been 178.5) so I’ve put myself back on maintainence. That means I’m limiting myself to around 2500 calories for a month. Only exception will be race days. Any day I race I don’t keep track of calories.

Last night, my first full day on the new restricted diet, I had exactly 2500 calories. Funny how that worked out, especially considering I had been starving all day long! OK, not really. I’m sure it was psychological, simply because I was thinking about food again all day. Focus on food, get hungry. I mean, my normal eating pattern is 3000-3100 calories per day, so I’m not reducing it that much.

At any rate, I’m going to focus on eating enough protein this time around, which, for a 175 lb. male is around 75-80 grams per day. I’ll calculate it for yesterday; so far today I’ve had 4. I’m going to have to really chow down to make my goal today, huh?

Exercise-wise, I ran in the hot hot heat yesterday. I was going to get up and run in the early morning, which is the best time during the summer, all that nice cool air, and little to no traffic, but decided to sleep in instead. I packed a bag of running clothes to take to work, but it was way way too hot at lunchtime. Thought about going to the gym and running on the treadmill… but that wasn’t appealing. Only as a last resort. So I ended up waiting until after sunset and running a short 2 1/4 mile course in my neighborhood. And it was still hot hot hot outside. Bleh.

Haven’t been posting a schedule because I’m not working towards anything. Got some races coming up (and if the guys buy into my suggestions for the road trip, I’ll have some very grueling races coming up! See yesterday’s post) but I’m just running for fun and fitness right now.