Outrage would be too easy a response

Outrage would be too easy a response.

Buried in this story is a nugget of information that should have any thinking person incensed:

State election officials say they are optimistic voting will go smoothly this time. Florida spent more than $125 million on new touch screen and optical scan voting machines. Lawmakers also made sweeping changes to elections laws, banning manual recounts and tightening voter eligibility.

The important part of that paragraph, to me, is the part about banning manual recounts.

What the fuck? Even a little basic research into electronic voting machines shows that they are far from infallible. Hell, anyone who has worked on a computer for longer than a couple of hours knows that data gets lost. So what planet are Florida legislators from when they think that e-voting machines are so infallible that they have made recounts illegal?

Is it any wonder that Florida has its own tag on Fark?