Broken training

OK, broke my training again today. Should have done 6 miles, per the Runner’s World 10K Training Plan for Beginners, but, dammit, I only did 4 miles. I’m worried about totally killing myself in the Beat the Burnside tomorrow morning, even though I keep reassuring myself that “I’m only using the BtB as a training run”.

Yeah. It’s not sinking in. The course tomorrow has 650 feet of elevation drop in 5 miles! It’s going to be tougher than the Mt. Tabor Challenge!

Anyway, the 4 miles were a bit tough, probably because of the 4 miles I did yesterday in Tryon Creek State Park (see previous post). I’m pushing myself… but am I near the limit? Or over the limit? Or do I have lots of room left before I hit the limit?

Time will tell.