I ran my 4 miles last night

I ran my 4 miles last night. But I didn’t do the 3 “gentle pickups”. Why? Because I ran with friends, and instead of wanting to run somewhere nice and flat where I could do my training stuff, they wanted to run in Tryon Creek State Park.

Sure it’s beautiful up there, and since it was so hot yesterday it was nice to run in the shade and on the trails, and sure the hills give me a good overall workout… but I did only part of what my training plan was and that mildly frustrates me.

I’m supposed to run 6 miles today but, hoo-boy I am achy all over and don’t know why. Shoulders, arms, back, legs… ears are stuffed up, too. Maybe I’m coming down with a cold? Aw, man. Summer colds are the worst! I hope I’m not, I hope I’m not, I hope I’m not…