Squid taco

I spent a significant fraction of my lunch break, thanks to a conversation with a friend earlier, trying to convince the girls at Taco del Mar to make me a calamari taco.

Me: “How about I run across the street to Greek Cusina, get some calamari, and bring it over?”

TDM Girl 1: “I don’t think so…”

TDM Girl 2: “What is calamari, anyway? I don’t think I’ve ever had it.”

Me: “It’s delicious squid.”

TDM Girl 1: “Oh.” Thinks about it. “I don’t think so.”

Me: “You don’t think you’ll make me a calamari taco? Or you don’t think that calamari is delicious?”

TDM Girl 2: [with a ‘whatever’ attitude] “It’s just OK.”

TDM Girl 1: “I’ve never had squid. I’m not a big fan of sea food. I’ve never even had one of our fish tacos.”

Me: “Oh, no, you’re wrong. It’s good. Calamari is good. Delicious.”

TDM Girl 2: “You’ve never had a fish taco? It’s like our specialty! That’s like working at Starbucks but not liking coffee!”

Customer 1: “I can totally see not liking coffee if you work at Starbucks.”

TDM Girl 1: “See?”

…at this point, I just cut my losses and ordered a fish taco and a pork burrito.

But wouldn’t a calamari taco be delicious?