I’ll tell you, I wasn’t looking forward to running tonight, at all. I was pretty energetic today at work, even playful at times (the weekend at the beach really helped to recharge my batteries), I got a bunch of stuff done, but by the time I got home I was dragging a bit. Might have been the warm weather, or it might have been my lack of calories today (medium breakfast, medium lunch, no dinner after I got home)… could have been a lot of things, I guess. But an hour or two after getting home, I was in bed napping.

Got up around 8:00 PM, though, and forced myself to get into my running shorts and shoes and head out the door. Today was the “2 miles, 4×1:30 AI, 2 miles” routine. Once I finished my warm up and started running, I surprised myself at how easily I fell into a decent pace. My training instructions tell me to go easy, keep it slow, go for endurance… but I swear I was keeping a 9:00 – 9:30 pace without getting winded. My legs and feet felt light as feathers. It was great!

I finished the first two miles in no time, then started my intervals. Again, I was flying along at a great clip! And it took me much less time than the last time I did intervals (two weeks ago) to completely recover, maybe two minutes total.

Then the two miles home again, and I purposely ran a route that had me going uphill for at least the last half-mile, and I still felt so strong and fast. Tired, but a good tired.

I hope this isn’t just a random variation. I’m going to chalk it up to my training routine kicking in. I’ll bet I’m going to kick some serious ass on the “Beat the Burnside” run this weekend! Whoo-HOO!