I ran the goal tonight

I ran the goal tonight. 2 miles easy pace, then four one-minute Aerobic Intervals (which means I ran a fast pace but not so fast that I went anaerobic), each followed by slow jogging until I could go back to my normal easy pace, then another 2 miles at an easy pace. I’m not sure how many miles the AI’s added to the four miles of easy pace. I’ll research it and post it here tomorrow.

It was difficult, especially the last two miles, but I kept reminding myself that endurance is the primary goal. I’ve got to build up my endurance so that the 6.2 miles/10 kilometers is not a problem. Of course, I don’t want to injure myself in training, but I think I’m far from that.

Tomorrow is an optional day, according to the original plan, and considering all I have going on tomorrow I might not do the three miles I planned. I’ll try… but Master Yoda says there’s only do or do not.

I’m not yet a Jedi, however. After the 10 K I’ll be a Jedi.