Weekly miles

Time to add up the miles this week:

Tuesday: 5+ miles (ran to work)
Thursday: 2+ miles (Tryon Creek State Park)
Saturday: 3+ miles (Mt. Tabor Challenge 5K)

Total: 10 miles.

About what I wanted, since I’m supposed to “taper” my miles the week before a race.

I’ve worked my way up to 20 push-ups and over 40 sit-ups in almost 2 weeks. It feels like slow going but I’m sticking with it.

My weight is a little high (174.5 lb this morning) but still in my range. If it goes above 175 I’ll cut back on the food until it drops. Hopefully I’m not rebounding…

Next week I’m going to aim for speed more than distance. I’ll post a training schedule later.