It’s been the Monday-est Monday ever.

It’s had everything: me forgetting stuff, bosses telling me multiple times to do stuff that I’m not supposed to do, battling with Qwest (still. Still!) over my lack of phone service.

Let me put it this way: having my teeth cleaned was the highlight of my day.

Talking to a girl on the bus, she’d mentioned that she’d had dinner with a friend in NW Portland. I told her that I’d been in NW this weekend past, and had had a pomegranate margarita, and that it had been good. “It was called a Persephone” I explained.

“Oh, that would be good. And good for you,” she confided.

“Really? You don’t think the alcohol would counteract the benefits of the pomegranate?”

“Oh, no.”

I smiled at her. “I like the way you think!” But, then, thinking it over, “But I’m afraid I’ve eaten too many seeds and now I’m stuck in Hell.”