Four Parks Run

I turned my “Three Parks Run” into a “Four Parks Run” on the fly.

Instead of going through Sellwood Park directly, I ran along the Springwater Corridor Trail until past the 3.5 mile mark, probably close to 3.8 miles, then went under the trail into the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and cut through it to a trail that zig-zags up the face of the bluff into Sellwood Park, then caught my normal path from there along the top of the bluff and onto Bybee Street, down to Westmoreland Park, etc., etc.

That had to add at least a half-mile, probably closer to a full mile, to the run. The original run is 3.5 miles, including the warm-up and cool-down (3 miles of it running) so I did a 4+ mile run today! And I only had to stop for traffic (and a stupid girl blocking the sidewalk in front of Saburo’s on Bybee!)