It’s “Mistaken Identity” weekend here at Chez Luna.

First, on Friday I met a friend, who asked me in advance if a friend of hers could come along. I said, “sure, no problem.” For some reason, I was expecting the as-yet-unmet person to be a 50-ish aging hippy. And she turned out to be a red-haired green-eyed anthropologist-slash-model. (Yes, my friend does have a friend like the one I was expecting; I just got mixed-up, is all.)

Then, today I was meeting face-to-face with someone I met online, and I had thought she was a 26-year-old dark-haired woman of Portuguese ancestry — but she wasn’t. She was in her 30’s, a red-haired woman of Caucasian descent.

Joke’s on me, I guess. I’m flexible. Had a good time anyway, both times.

Not that I care, or listen, but the universe is obviously trying to tell me something…