Running update

Run to work yesterday. Because I haven’t been doing well I was unconcerned about time and pace; I just wanted to do the entire distance without stopping or walking. I failed to do that, because my iPod has started skipping. Turns out you really shouldn’t run with a hard drive after all. It’s still working, and when I get a chance to move my backups off it I’m going to reformat and reload my music and other files on to it, and run a full HD checkup. But not this weekend… well, maybe tomorrow if I get a chance.

So my final mileage for last week was 3.5 + 2.5 + 5.5 = 11.5 miles. Probably my best week, distance-wise, not so good time-wise. But, hey.

Next week I plan on easing back even more on the running and focusing on the gym, just for the change of pace, since I seem to have hit a plateau in running.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned here that I’ve added sit-ups and push-ups daily. Basically, once a day (usually, but not always, at night before bed) I do as many of each in a row as I can. I ended this week with a paltry 29 sit-ups and 17 push-ups. I hope to increase the number significantly over time.