Too much life, not enough writing


Been busy lately, and I have had lots of experiences and events to blog about, but just haven’t had the time.

Moved into a new apartment two weeks ago.

Saw the movie “Coffee and Cigarettes” — very funny. Any movie that has appearances by both Bill Murray and a Tesla coil (built by Jack White of the White Stripes!) gets a thumb’s up by me. “So, Jack, aren’t you going to tell me about your Tesla coil?”

Threw a housewarming party for myself last weekend, had a great time. Used my Nalgene bottle as a margarita shaker and now it smells like tequila! Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Although I was under the impression that Nalgene bottles never pick up a smell that couldn’t be washed out. When the party rolled out into the street and I woke the neighbors cracking the 8′ bullwhip I’d picked up in Mexico last Christmas I knew that this was one of the best parties I’d ever thrown. There will be more, oh, yes.

Hmm… could do a review of “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell. A friend lent it to me when she found out I was an atheist. OK, I don’t know that the two thoughts were connected in her mind, but she did mention my “beliefs” when loaning it to me. It was a surprisingly well-written novel about a Jesuit expedition to another planet for a first contact with an alien species… or two… Thought-provoking. But I don’t want to spoil my coming conversation with my friend about this (are you reading, Anna?) so I’ll say no more for now.

My PC won’t frickin’ boot up. Just clicks through the speakers. I’ve tried troubleshooting it and have had no success. Sucks. Looks like either the power supply, the motherboard, or the processor is blown. Happened after the lightning storm earlier this week, although I’m sure that’s a coincidence. I powered it down and unplugged it during the storm just because I didn’t want anything to happen to it. Grumble, grumble. Now I have to build me a new PC. Oh, well, my trusty iBook is still up and running… (What? Me, tempting fate? I don’t believe in fate, remember?)

I’ve gained 5 lb since the party. Weird. Probably just a random fluctuation. It’s dropping back to what it was before, though. If it went up and stayed up for a while I’d be more worried.

Vitamins do help my running. Guess I have to start watching my actual nutrition, not just calories.

Went to a book reading at Powell’s by Davy Rothbart, of Found Magazine and it was so very very funny. Davy is a guy who finds things; photos, tossed-away notes and letters, personal items… and he scans them or takes pictures and puts them in his magazine. It’s funny and sad, seeing into random people’s lives and the stuff they write, never knowing the whole story, or even whether the intended recipient received the note or not. Davy’s brother also sang two songs based on items that appeared in Found — one song had me (and, apparently, only me) laughing uproariously, which only made it funnier. I could write so much more about that reading… that deserves a full post.

Shit. So much stuff, so much rich material… and I have to turn them into bullet points. Each one of those things deserves a full post all by itself. It’s funny; when I had almost nothing going on in my life, I had lots of time to write but not a lot to say. Now that I’ve got a much fuller life, I have no time to document or create stories. Paradox.