More motivation please

I need to run. I should be running right now. Two days ago I ran the “Three Parks” loop and nearly died, but managed to finish it with an absolute minimum of walking. Two days ago, I planned on getting up early today and running at least 3 miles. Then I went out with someone on Monday evening, and stayed out late, at least too late to get up at 4:30 AM today and be in any kind of shape, and so decided to run tonight after work. All day long I could feel my energy level dropping, and the excuses came out in my head: “Run tomorrow morning! It won’t change your schedule that much… You’re too tired to run. You don’t have to run 3.5 miles, you can just run 2 miles… don’t run, go home, go to sleep, you need it… if you don’t have dinner that’s the same, calorie-wise, as running… don’t run…”

Dammit. I’m not going to give in to the negative voices. I’m going. I’m already dressed for a run. I drank plenty of water. It’s a beautiful warm evening outside. I just have to get up from this couch and go out that door…

I’m going. See me go? I’m gone.