Why I don’t have Cable TeeVee

I got rid of cable because I had the realization that I never turn on my teevee unless I’m watching a DVD, and when I got my broadband they upsold me on a cable modem/digital teevee package that was costing me $120/month… and then Comcast wanted to raise the price. I declared “Last Straw” and called their CSRs, who were ready and waiting to assist me. They tried to tell me I was getting a $10/month discount on my broadband by having cable.

Hmmm… I can’t imagine being someone for whom that would be a tough choice: pay $55/month for broadband that I use all the time, or pay $135/month for broadband I use all the time and teevee I never use. I tried to imagine myself as that person. Couldn’t do it. They finally talked me into getting the absolute, bottom-dollar, basic Basic Cable: just the local stations and the public access channels, no converter box, no remote, for +$11.00/month, so I could still get the $10/month discount. I figure $1.00/month is worth it so I can watch The Simpsons (which is the only thing I watch, now that Buffy’s gone and Angel’s been cancelled).

Truth is, though, that after I disconnected the digital box, I haven’t even hooked the bare coax up to my ancient teevee, so there would be work involved if I ever wanted to actually watch something…