Short list

Haven’t been posting in a while. And there’s so much I could be posting:

  • Full review of Coachella, including all the acts I saw, some funny stories about the trip…
  • Intimate details of the women I’m dating/have dated (just kidding! Scared some of you out there, didn’t I?)
  • Review of any of a number of CDs I’ve bought in the last couple of months (Just saving myself from listing them all, ’cause it’s a lot)
  • Oh, damn, movie reviews, like “Kill Bill Vol. 2” or, um, that other one
  • I hate making lists. Why am I doing this?

Hang on, let me catch my breath… this list-making is exhausting. Feels like I’ve been doing this forever. How many is that? One… two… WTF? I’ve only done six freakin’ bullets? And one of them is blank, and another one is a complaint!

OK, this isn’t working for me. I’ve got to make an actual post. Stay tuned.