Waterfront with friends

I ran the Waterfront last night with a couple of friends. I brought up the idea of doing two laps, which would be around 5 miles, and they were favorable. Then, during the run, they both sped off like they were being chased by lawyers. When I got to the second lap, I had to stop and walk a bit. I kept thinking of excuses why I didn’t do so well, especially considering that I’ve done that distance before, and recently; it’s 5 miles when I run to work, which I’ve done just last Friday. I thought that it was the weather (rainy and windy), my lack of food (had only taken in 1580 calories that day), lack of good food (ate a lot of junk that day and the day previous), time of day (I normally run in the morning), yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah… but in the end, I didn’t do too bad. I only finished about a minute behind my friend, who finished a minute and a half behind his girlfriend.

Then afterward we went and I pigged out on a Quiznos’ Black Angus Sandwich, and a mollasses cookie and soy chai from Starbucks’.

Tonight I’m going to the gym and doing anything except run.

Oh, and I feel heavier. I weighed in at 171.5 lbs today, but I feel all bloat-y or something. I can still feel the lump of food I ate yesterday in my stomach and parts south, working its way through my digestive system. I’ll feel better once it’s gone.