Pre-Lake Run 5K

Quick race-day update before I hit the showers…

I did the Lake Run 5K today. The weather started out nice but it started raining just as I was finishing. My friend warned me about the hills, and, yes, there were a lot of hills, short but steep. There was also a train! I had to climb over the train at one point in the race, somewhere between Mile 1 and Mile 2. I climbed over between cars at the same time as another guy; he was just ahead of me. I waited until he was on the ground and moving and started to jump — I was in the act of jumping when I saw him stumble backwards. I landed on his ankle. I hope he’s OK! I apologized, and looked for him after the race but couldn’t find him.The race organizers were nice enough to allow us to adjust our time, on the honor system. I asked for 25 seconds; I thought that was fair.

I saw 29:40 on the clock when I crossed the line, which (after my allowance) works out to about a 9:28 pace; not bad considering all the hills!

Here I am before the start of the race
Me at race start