Exercise update

My weight is holding steady at 169.5 lb. I think I’m still losing weight, but slowly. I am really happy with my weight where it is, however, so I’ll continue to add calories back into my diet.

I only have circumstantial evidence for the weight loss, however; obviously the graph of my weight over the past two weeks is pretty flat. The evidence is this: when I was on Atkins, my body was in ketosis/lypolosis — in other words, burning fat for energy, transforming my fat stores into glucose for my muscles to use as fuel. During that time, my body chemistry changed, as revealed by the odd taste in my mouth, and the change in the scent of my sweat and urine.

Well, even though I’m now eating as much as 2600 calories per day (2800 yesterday — I was weak and had a cookie), I still have that same odd taste in my mouth. Since I’m running every other day, and getting lots of walking and other exercise in throughout the day, my rate of calorie burn must be higher than 2600 calories per day, because, circumstantially, I think I’m still burning fat to replace the calories I’m not taking in.

At any rate, I ran to work today. I picked up some more time — Left the house at 5:14 AM, and crossed the Hawthorne Bridge at 6:10 AM. Subtract the 10 minutes (approx.) that it takes me to walk to the starting point, and that means I ran 5 miles in about 46 minutes, or a 9:12 pace. Whoo-Hoo!

I totally rock. I’m so ready for the Run on the Lake this weekend.