Raw Data

First lesson of blogging: don’t shoot off your mouth without doing at least some basic research first. In yesterday’s post I said that Radiohead doesn’t play tracks from their first CD, “Pablo Honey”, which would include their most popular song, “Creep”.

I’ve since found a website, 58 Hours, that is a database of every song Radiohead has ever played, searchable by song, by date, or by venue. Doing a search on “Creep” shows that, prior to the Coachella appearance, they played “Creep” a total of 180 times, 10 times in 2003, and one time each in 2002 and 2001. There’s a 2-year gap in there, from 6/14/1998 to 7/7/2001, where they didn’t play it live at all. So I’d imagine that that gap is the reason for my impression that they “never” play “Creep”.
Apparently they’ve made their peace with the song. Even though it doesn’t show up as often as other songs, it’s still part of their set lists and has been for the past year or so.

It’s amazing what you can find out on the InterWeb.