Something new

I normally order a soy chai latte in the morning. I like getting the soy chai from Starbucks because they use vanilla-flavored soy. That way I’m getting all the spicy flavor goodness of chai, plus the vanilla flavor, and the low-fat and healthy soy lovin’.

The other day, though, the barrista (he was a guy; does that make him a barristo? Just curious) asked me if I wanted cinnamon or nutmeg on my chai. And, after a microsecond of reflection, I realized, that, yes, of course, that’s exaaaaaactly what I wanted: cinnamon. The perfect flavor to add to the vanilla/spicy chai combination. Mmmmmm.

So, this morning, because I wanted caffeine instead of whatever stimulants chai has, I ordered a soy latté, instead. And I decided to try the cinnamon sprinkles on top of that.

Meh. It’s not nearly as good as the soy-chai-with-cinnamon. Oh, well, I was feeling experimental, anyway.