Exercise / Diet update:

I’ve got my calories/day almost to maintenance level. Well, it’s at maintenance level for all intents and purposes: my weight has held steady around 171 for the last week, and that’s where I’m stopping for now. Amazing — from last fall, I’ve lost 54 lb.

Ran 4+ miles yesterday morning, as planned, and ran to work today (5 miles running, another half-mile at each end walking/warmup), and I feel great. I did better than last week, I think. I left the house at 5:15, and the time when I crossed the Hawthorne Bridge was 6:15. Assuming I did the first half-mile warmup in 10 minutes, that means I covered the 5 miles in 50 minutes; almost exactly a 10-minute pace. I feel like I could do it again tomorrow morning. Not that I will, of course; I need to be well-rested for the 18 hour drive to the Mojave Desert where I’m going to party my ass off.